The war for the free and open internet — and how we are losing it
Wikimedia’s Sue Gardner discusses the increasing privatization and commercialization of online life, and the lack of public space.

Media for Early Floods Recovery Project - Connecting the Dots

A video about a humanitarian response project that worked with local Pakistani radio stations to provide information about recovery and assistance, run by Internews.

2013 OpenStreetMap Data Report

Everything you ever wanted to know about Open Street Map. Summer reading for mapping geeks and data visualization fans.

WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath | Corcoran Gallery of Art

Extraordinary selection of photos, including excellent prints of iconic images of war, and unusual and clever curatorial choices. Curated by Anne Wilkes Tucker of the Houston MFA, one of the best photo curators in the U.S.
Dronestagram comes to Washington D.C. in June 2013, at the Corcoran Gallery of Art

Dronestagram comes to Washington D.C. in June 2013, at the Corcoran Gallery of Art

the Tentative Collective’s project, Mera Karachi Mobile Cinema, from Pakistan. From a report published on Creative Time Reports 

What can we learn from GTMO’s past? What should we remember about what’s happening now? Hear from those who were there.

The Guantanamo Public Memory Project

Filming the Many Afghanistans - Creative Time Reports

Creative Time Reports story about a recent Afghan feature shot entirely in Afghanistan. Interesting mix of fiction and documentary footage.

Old World. New World.

A work-in-progress about the history and present state of the Italian community in the Washington DC area.